Group Activity Helps Women in Their Personal Recovery Journeys

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Road to Recovery croppedClients in the Women’s Residential Program at the Nancy C. and Raymond E. Murray Unit at Phoenix House Citra Center recently participated in a group activity designed to help each woman discover her own road to recovery.  Identifying what led the women to treatment was the first step in moving along on the journey towards a life in full recovery.

As one women described, “My road has been hard, with a lot of pot holes and detours which brought me to treatment. But I have gained sobriety! Now, through group activities like this, I am learning ways to identify my goals and make plans for my future. I learned that I can easily go backward on that road if I don’t continue to practice the steps and wisdom gained during my stay in treatment.  I am so appreciative of Phoenix House for providing guidance to stay on my road to recovery—for  good this time!”

Recognizing that no two individuals’ treatment needs are the same, Phoenix House offers personalized care to address each client’s unique strengths and requirements and provide the greatest chance of sustaining recovery. During the treatment process we tailor our approach to each individual, taking into account biological, social, and psychological factors.

The Murray Unit at Phoenix House Citra, named in honor of Nancy C. and Raymond E. Murray, longtime benefactors of Phoenix House, provides gender-specific, trauma-informed residential care to women. The Residential Program at Citra Center also provides treatment for men whose substance abuse is advanced or complicated by behavioral health issues.

In Tampa, our newest program, Phoenix House Outpatient Services in Hyde Park, provides gender-specific care and family services to women through collaboration with the respected Centre for Women. In addition, Phoenix House Florida provides outpatient rehabilitation for adolescents at the Derek Jeter Center in Tampa and at Phoenix House Outpatient Services in Brandon. Adults also receive outpatient counseling at the Tampa and Brandon facilities. Our highly-skilled professional staff annually serves more than 1,000 men, women, and teens, safeguarding youth, strengthening families, and helping to build happier, healthier lives.

If someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug problems, call Phoenix House today at 1 888 671 9392. We’re here to help!

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