Florida Conference Focus on Athletes and Prescription Drugs

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Recently, TBO.com (Tampa Bay Online), posted an article by Mary Shedden regarding the rise in prescription drug abuse by athletes.  It quoted several speakers who attended the “Rising Drug Abuse in Athletes” conference, hosted by Associates in Emergency Medical Education, Inc., as saying, “Substance abuse is nothing new for psychologists and doctors working with professional athletes.”  Barbara Morris, Director of the Sports Medicine and Athletic Related Trauma Institute at the University of South Florida stated, “Those issues are magnified in youth athletics, and many teens are nonchalant about prescription drugs.”

Prescription MedicationCharles Maher, a veteran sports psychologist for Cleveland’s professional teams stated, “The problem can be exacerbated by athletes hoping to increase their speed or strength or to impress coaches, parents, or fans, and can also be triggered when athletes are mentally fatigued, injured or anxious.”

Barbara Morris stated, “I’m afraid we are going to see the problem increase before it can get better.”

Phoenix Houses of Florida’s Derek Jeter Center in Tampa provides care for teens abusing substances, whether it be anabolic steroids, narcotic painkillers, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and alcohol.


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