East Hampton Outpatient’s Healthy Choices for the Great American Smokeout!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

East Hampton Outpatient clients choose healthy alternatives for smoking cessation.

On the day of the national Great American SmokeoutPhoenix House East Hampton Outpatient Counselor Annie Jazylo engaged our clients to participate in a very inventive and enjoyable experiment. Clients were presented with a table of healthy treats chock full of alternatives to enjoy in place of smoking: celery, carrots, pretzel sticks, sugar-free gum, hard candies, ice chips, and ice water.

During this interactive experience, clients enjoyed the craving curbing treats, also taking the initiative to decide to forfeit all outdoor breaks during the entire three hours of the day’s intensive treatment program and activities. Resisting the temptation to go outside and smoke as some may have done before; they consumed crunchy snacks, or took a walk around the facility’s interior. Clients also created a collage with the theme “How to Deal With the First Day of No Smoking? The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!”  To conclude this special event, the day’s session ended with some “cold turkey” sandwiches for everyone! Congrats to everyone on a different and delightful day of treatment enhanced with creativity, education, awareness, camaraderie and fun!

Phoenix House’s East Hampton Outpatient Program serves adults & adolescents with substance abuse issues which do not warrant residential treatment. The program offers a warm, compassionate environment that empowers clients in their recovery.

Find out more about the programs and services offered by Phoenix House East Hampton Outpatient Program, or call our toll-free number today: 1 888 671 9392.

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