Demeter House Clients Enjoy Fun in the Snow

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

When life gives you snow . . . make snowmenWhen life gives you snow . . . make a snowman

The D.C. area, like much of the country, has seen a lot of snow this winter, especially the past month. So what to do with it all? While most area residents have had their fill of that wintry white stuff, the clients and staff of Demeter House used a recent snowfall to indulge in a little spontaneous fun. First, they enjoyed the snow’s sheer beauty, and then they set to work turning the abundance into a charming creation.

They pushed and piled, carved and shaped, and filled in gaps until their big white mound took on the familiar wintertime profile. Then they brought their snow figure to life with a hat, “hair,” a carrot nose,  two branch arms, “eyes,” and a wide smile. The cheery time made everyone forget, at least for a while, that it was yet another gray wintry day.

They enjoyed the sheer beauty of the snow. IMG_0115

“Our clients and staff just enjoyed the moment,” said Kelly Rankin, Program Director at Demeter House. “There is something about a fresh snowfall that brings peace and serenity.”

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