Deep-Sea Fishing and Other Diversions for Students at Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Rob Regis, Fitness Counselor at Phoenix House Academy of Los AngelesOn Monday, August 5, 2013, a group of eight boys and girls from Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles went on an exciting fishing adventure to Marina del Rey. Led by Counselor Rob Regis, the young residents of our substance abuse treatment  program spent eight hours at sea.  This annual adventure was quite fruitful: the teens caught an abundant amount of fish, including sharks and stingrays.

The Deep Sea Fishing trip was a new experience for both Robert and his clients. “The kids had a blast,” said Robert, as he described how satisfying it was for him to see the excitement of the teens and their intense engagement in this activity. There were enough workers on the boat to teach each individual teen how to fish. The fishermen even offered free services to any youth that would decide to come back again. The students greatly enjoyed this opportunity to learn a new skill.

Fishing is hard work, but it is an adventure as well. Despite living so close to the shores of the Pacific, the Academy residents had never done anything like it. For Mr. Regis, it was rewarding to see how much pleasure they got out of it. To top it off, they were able to take back what they caught and later fried and grilled all of the fish and other seafood, enjoying a healthy meal with their friends.

Robert Regis is an excellent character and role model who has served as a Fitness Counselor at the Academy in Lakeview Terrace since 2008. He encourages clients to stay active by teaching them how to properly use weights, play different sports, and any other positive physical activity. He also manages the Speaker’s Bureau – a community service program similar to a college Speech 101 class – that sends young residents out to various schools and meetings to discuss the dangers and harm of drug and alcohol abuse.

Basketball, Soccer and Softball Leagues

Students at the Phoenix House Academy of Los AngelesWhile extremely exciting, the Deep Sea Fishing is a special, annual outing that serves as a reward for a small group of students. At the Academy, we offer physical fitness activities for everyone. Currently, teens receive training for basketball, softball, and soccer leagues. They play scrimmage on campus and have a schedule of games with residents of other group homes.

Robert Regis, who was previously a professional soccer player for West Brom in London (West Bromwich Albion), is in charge of training the soccer league. So far, the Phoenix House Academy team played one game and won. As Robert says, this victory can be credited to “all the effort that the kids put into this sport. They are really focused and are even watching what they eat, so that they can perform better on the field.” To help the young players succeed, the Academy has provided new sports attire and shoes.

Teaching teens activities that offer an alternative to the thrill of drug and alcohol use and engaging them in team sports are vital ways of helping them build up habits essential for a healthy and happy life.  Phoenix House’s physical fitness and wellness programs prepare our residents for ongoing recovery. After the completion of Phoenix House Academy rehabilitation program, the students will return to their families and communities.  They will take back with them their new skills and experiences.


If your loved one needs assistance to deal with substance abuse issues, or if you need additional information about enrollment in residential or outpatient treatment at the Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to call 1 888 671 9392. Our experienced counselors are here to help.



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