Cory Brosch Discusses the Benefits of Wraparound Services for At-Risk Youth

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Cory Brosch, LMFT, Program Director of Wraparound Services Initiated in 2010, Phoenix House Wraparound Services in Orange County has a very high success rate. One of our Wraparound Teams recently received the 2015 Chief’s Award from the Orange County Probation Department. Cory Brosch, LMFT, Phoenix House Wraparound Program Director since 2014, explains the purpose, methods, approaches, and goals of Wraparound Services. He has his own practice, specializing in anxiety and depressive disorders and has extensive training in evidenced based practices, currently utilizing dialectical behavior therapy and feedback informed therapy. He is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the International Center for Clinical Excellence.

Residential Care used to be the only solution in intervention approaches with families at-risk. However, 20 years ago the Wraparound Model provided an alternative to removing children from their homes by providing intensive services and community support for the entire family. Phoenix House Wraparound in Orange County partners with families to facilitate a child’s ability to remain in a safe and stable home through a strength-based, family-centered, team driven approach.

Families are referred to Wraparound through social services, probation, and county mental health. Eighty-five percent of the families that enter Wraparound Services with Phoenix House complete the program successfully, meaning that the child remains in a stabilized and safe home with their caregivers. The following three features make the Wraparound Model successful with at-risk youth and their families:

  1. Convenience and Access: Wraparound is truly centered around the needs of the family. For example, since many of our families have never had services of any kind, have transportation problems, or may have difficulty staying motivated for services, members of the Wraparound team meet with the family in the family home. These in-home meetings are scheduled around the availability of the entire family to ensure participation. Then, as part of the service implementation process, Wraparound staff help the family create their own short and long term goals (which also hold them accountable to the county requirements to keep the child in the home). After collaborating with the family, the wraparound team develops interventions that will serve as a step-by-step process in helping the family achieve their goals.  Finally, to ensure the family follows through on the plan, the team assists the family in getting connected with community supports by helping them through every step of the process.
  2. Treating the Whole Family: Wraparound doesn’t just work with the referred child. In order to receive Wraparound services, the entire family must agree to participate. At this point the team works with the family to create goals that will enable the family to overcome the identified hardships, keep the child in the home, and allow the family to sustain their success long after wraparound services terminate.
  3. Support: Wraparound team members provide 24/7 phone support to the families, meet individually with each family member every week, and coach families through challenging situations. Many of our families have histories of drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, criminal behavior, or suicidal ideation to name a few. Our staff is trained in how to respond to such crises, then support and teach our families a more effective way to respond if such situations arise.

IMG_7988At Phoenix House Wraparound Orange County, our services are tailored to each individual family’s needs. We use aspects of cognitive behavioral and feedback informed therapy to provide evidenced based interventions that can be scored and progress monitored. In the end we strive to help every family become stable and help them to be in a position where they can sustain their success.


Referrals to Phoenix House Wraparound Services are made by Orange County agencies – Social Services Agency, Health Care Agency, and Probation Department.

If you or a loved one needs substance abuse treatment services or help dealing with mental health issues by consulting with well-trained, experienced, dedicated, and compassionate professionals, please do not hesitate to call us at: 1 888 671 9392.

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  • nancy hoving

    Glad to hear some specifics of programs that are working. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how PH works. Thanks, NBH