Connor Plays the Didgeridoo at the Phoenix Rising Music Program

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

didgeridoo phoenix rising music programConnor, a student of the Phoenix Rising Music Program introduces a unique instrument to the program in this special video feature. He plays the didgeridoo, a wind instrument invented over 1,500 years ago by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia. The didgeridoo is played by continuously vibrating the mouth and lips to create the drone sound, using a special breathing technique called circular breathing. This requires breathing in through the nose while expelling air from the mouth using the tongue and cheeks. Using this technique, a skilled player can replenish the air in their lungs, and with practice can hold long, sustained notes. The didgeridoo is still popular in Australia and around the world, with many avant-garde artists featuring it in their musical compositions. It is also known as an aerophone, drone pipe, or a natural wooden trumpet.

The Phoenix Rising Music Program is an arts therapy program that encourages clients enrolled in our residential substance abuse treatment programs to express themselves through music. Music therapy has been proven to enhance creative expression, increase self-esteem, and assist in the recovery process for those struggling with substance abuse and/or co-occurring mental health problems.

Phoenix House New York has helped thousands of men, women, and teens overcome substance and alcohol abuse in order to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives. Since 1967, we have been committed to supporting individuals and families by providing a wide range of services, from prevention, early intervention, and treatment to continuing care and recovery support. Our services include treatment for substance abusers with mental health problems and programs for mothers with children, outpatient and residential treatment for military personnel, veterans, and their families, impaired driver programs, and a detoxification program center.

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