Congratulations to the Spartans of the Phoenix House Career Academy – Basketball Champs!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Phoenix House Career Academy Spartans win the TCA Summer Basketball League! Phoenix House Career Academy’s Spartans are the Champions of the TCA Summer Basketball League in New York City! Our team made it all the way to the Championship finals, defeating Odyssey House with a 25 point lead. In addition to bringing home a new trophy to their Academy, individual medals were also won for League MVP and Leading Scorer. The TCA (Therapeutic Communities Association) Basketball League has been going strong for years & we’re always proud to be participants. Our client athletes and coaches strive to “bring it” with a quality team on the boards every season. Beyond their athleticism, the players are learning to maintain composure, focus skills to remember the plays and to execute, leadership, and chemistry. This team has truly excelled in unity, communication, and confident teamwork within the past few months – coming so close to a playoff berth at the winter league games, falling short by two points in overtime. This time, they proudly went all the way. Basketball and recovery go hand-in-hand, healthy recovery, focus and confidence help us all to become winners on the court of life. Kudos to all of our players and Coach Ray! Enjoy the well-deserved rest for now; your fans are eagerly awaiting the next round of league play and another championship. Recovery Rocks – GO SPARTANS!!

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