Community Coalition Meeting in Santa Ana

Friday, August 26th, 2016

OC REP LogoOne of the many ways to help those affected by drug or alcohol abuse is for treatment providers to join forces in community coalition to exchange information, share resources, and pass on referrals. The Orange County Reentry Partnership (OC REP) held its July 12 meeting at Phoenix House in Santa Ana. Over fifty participants from government agencies and community organizations had a chance to tour the facility, learn about innovations and transformations in our clinical approaches, and share their own news.

Brendan Kavanaugh at OCREP MeetingBoard Chair Meghan Medlin shared information about the various reentry meetings, conferences, and initiatives designed to help people reintegrate into their communities after incarceration. Brendan Kavanaugh, Senior Director of Services in Santa Ana, divided the Phoenix House presentation into segments delivered by managers and counselors of his programs, thus showing the team spirit and collaboration that are the essence of our approach. The overview included mentions of other programs in the county, including Recovery Maintenance Services, Outpatient Treatment Services, Prevention, Wraparound, and FOTEP, while the strength-based, trauma-informed model implemented in the adult residential treatment program was the highlight. Phoenix House offers services to women and men in gender-responsive, separate models, while drawing from its rich tradition and modern treatment innovations. The demand for adult residential services is so high that the county-maintained wait-list at times reaches 200 individuals.

The meeting ended with a presentation by Karyn Mendoza, Senior Director of Programs at Hope Builders and Board Member of the Orange County Mental Health Board, outlining the future of mental health and substance abuse treatment in the county. It was interesting to learn about the trends and future plans, particularly those associated with health care reform and affecting our ability to deliver services. Phoenix House in Santa Ana stays atop these trends and is already certified for Drug Medi-Cal Residential and Outpatient Treatment Services, well ahead of schedule.

If you or your loved one need substance abuse treatment services, or help dealing with mental health issues by consulting with well-trained, experienced, dedicated, and compassionate professionals, please do not hesitate to call us at: 1 888 671 9392.

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