Citra Center is Gearing up for a Summer Filled with Healthy, Competitive Fun

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Located in the rolling hills of Marion County, Phoenix House Citra Center  provides adult residential substance abuse treatment.  Designed to support a well-rounded treatment experience, Citra Center features a swimming pool, tennis and volleyball courts, a fitness trail, and workout equipment.  Recently at Citra Center, in anticipation of summer fun and teambuilding experiences, clients from the program worked together to give the athletic fields a “facelift.”  The group worked hard at redesigning the volleyball courts – filling them in with new sand and creating brand new courts for the group to enjoy as they play healthy, competitive volleyball.

As Dr. John Newport wrote in The Wellness – Recovery Connection, “For clients in early recovery, regular exercise helps take the edge off stresses associated with early sobriety.  For clients in later stages of recovery, exercise can play an important role in helping them embrace society.”

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