California Conference Reviews Clinical Transformation

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Ben Nordstrom MD PhD Presents at SUD Statewide Conference In CaliforniaTo help government and private agencies prepare for industry changes, the California Department of Health Care Services dedicated its 16th annual Substance Use Disorders Statewide Conference to Shifting the SUD Paradigm. Held August 23-25 in Garden Grove, the conference gathered administrators, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and researchers to examine the progress of systemic transformation of substance use disorder treatment in light of health care reform, parity of behavioral health and physical health services, and new funding requirements.

Benjamin Nordstrom, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer of Phoenix House, and Maja Trochimczyk, PhD, Senior Director of Planning and Research in California, discussed the process of clinical transformation of service systems. The well-attended presentation highlighted identifying and addressing crucial aspects of institutional change affected by internal needs, new county and state requirements, and funding streams. Particularly important during the process is engaging clients, as well as inspiring staff to become dedicated and enthusiastic change leaders. As one audience member commented, “we all have to deal with change and healthcare reform and it was great to hear how you are doing it.”

Brendan Kavanaugh, LMFT, Sr. Program Director in Santa Ana, who actively participated in the discussion, added, “watching Dr. Nordstrom and Dr. Trochimczyk present on our clinical transformation process really validated the enormous amount of work that we are doing in all levels of our programs. It’s great to see our leaders model the values of transparency and collaboration with our community partners.” Dr.  Nordstrom seconded,“I am really grateful to the California team for the opportunity to participate in this conference.  They did a superb job, and it’s great to see them recognized as change leaders in the state.”

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