Better Late than Never: A Changed Life in California

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Graduation Cake at Phoenix House Recovery Maintenance Services in Santa AnaCongratulations to Mr. Yancy, who completed Phoenix House Orange County  residential treatment program and recovery  maintenance services! He was able to move back to Northern California to be reunited with his wife and children after years of estrangement due to addiction.  

Mr. Yancy’s road to recovery was long and convoluted. After years of involvement with the criminal justice system due to his use of illegal drugs, he was finally discharged from parole supervision. It took 36 years, but it happened. He has been motivated not only to change his own life, but also to help others. After completing his own treatment, Mr. Yancy was volunteering for Phoenix House’s Recovery Maintenance Services where he helped manage 12-step meetings.

The Program Manager of the Recovery Maintenance Services, Teresa Yuch said: “He has been an inspiration to a lot of our residents and is one of our truest success stories. Through working his program of recovery he has become a role model to all. He will be missed but we are so happy he has gained his integrity and with that has been able to be a part of society in the best way.”

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