Amala Foundation Tranfers Leadership Skills to Teens at Academy in Austin

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

austin muralOur male students at the Academy in Austin recently experienced their dreams coming to life in a novel way. For the second year, Phoenix House partnered with The Amala Foundation for the One Village Service Day. Staff from the foundation, along with former graduates of the Academy, spent a day encouraging and educating our clients about the importance of leadership, and how one can rise above their struggles to become leaders in their communities.

The primary activity of the project was the planting of mint plants, which are well-known for spending all winter poking their heads out of the ground to see if it is time for spring. This activity served as a metaphor about the value of taking calculated risks, as well as growing something meaningful from an unlikely place. Following the activity, the students wrote a letter to their ideal self and tore it up and planted it within the soil. This was meant to symbolize how their goals will grow over time and how their goals in turn will help the plant to grow.

All in all, it was an amazing opportunity for our students to experience hope during their recovery. They were given an opportunity to learn new skills through other young men who have walked in their steps. Our academies provide a safe environment for students to get the help that they need to succeed. Our programming recognizes that drug and alcohol use is not the only problem. We focus on family education and individual family counseling and psychiatric evaluations throughout treatment. These aspects, along with the focus on new therapeutic experiences such as the One Village Service Day, give our students the opportunity to return home and continue on a new path, helping them grow as leaders in their communities when they return.

Every day, Phoenix House Texas helps teens and adults who are suffering from addiction in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Find out more about our programs and services, or call us today at: 1 888 671 9392.

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