A Wacky Tacky Day at Citra

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Women's Unit Tacky Day

Friday, June 5, was “Tacky Day” at Phoenix House Citra. Clients at the Nancy C. and Raymond E. Murray Residential Program for Women took a bit more time than usual that day with their appearance for morning meeting. Behind the scenes, they were running from room to room, rummaging through closets to come up with the most mismatched, unfashionable, wackiest outfits their creative minds could devise. The day was an opportunity for each individual to let loose in treatment and express her creative personality. The three brave participants who dressed in the most wacky, tacky way earned prizes, which created an atmosphere of healthy competition.

The activity was also a chance for the women, who often come to treatment struggling with poor self-esteem and poor social skills, to free themselves for a while from the world’s stereotypes of what women should look like. “I have never been comfortable in my own skin,” one woman noted. “I have always cared what others would think of me. Not today! Today I get to express me and my creativity. Today I stand here loving myself and the woman I have become by living sober. Yes, I am a little, wacky, tacky, different, and odd, but I am finally ME!”

Phoenix House Florida provides substance abuse rehabilitation for adolescents at the Derek Jeter Center in Tampa and at Phoenix House Outpatient Services in Brandon. Adults also receive outpatient counseling at the Tampa and Brandon facilities. The Phoenix House Residential Program in Citra provides residential rehabilitation for adults whose substance abuse is advanced or complicated by mental health issues, with separate, gender-specific services for women at the Nancy C. and Raymond E. Murray Unit. Our newest program, offering Outpatient Services in Hyde Park, is collaboration with The Centre for Women, and helps adults and families build healthy, productive futures as they reclaim their lives from addiction.

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