A Friendship Tour from Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Kline BuildingPhoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic gave a Friendship Tour on March 11 to members of the United Methodist Women of Walker Chapel. Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic has a close history with Walker Chapel—this branch of our agency was born in the basement of their historic chapel in Arlington when a judge, a taxi driver, and a hardware store owner agreed in 1962 to start a support group for those struggling with alcohol abuse.

The purpose of our Friendship Tours is to familiarize our guests—in this case, the Women of Walker Chapel—with what we do. These nine ladies gathered with us at the Kline Building in Arlington, where our Phoenix, Nuevo Dia (meaning “New Day,” Nuevo Dia is a residential program that serves Spanish-speaking men), and Boys Recovery Lodge programs are located. George Knoerlein, Director of Clinical Operations, gave a presentation on our history, our programs, and who we serve.

Because Phoenix House is about serving our clients, the Women of Walker Chapel had the opportunity to hear the stories of three of our current clients and how Phoenix House is helping them in their recovery. Our clients spoke from our Independence House, Demeter House (a residential treatment program for women) and Boys Recovery Lodge and shared a conversation with our visiting guests. At the end of the tour, some of the ladies took a walk through the building with George Knoerlein, and everyone finished the day off with cupcakes and coffee.

Carol Groom, a member of the United Methodist Women of Walker Chapel and former board member of Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic, helped us coordinate this Friendship Tour and generously, along with the other ladies of the Women of Walker Chapel, made a donation to our foundation. It means a lot to Phoenix House that the communities we serve support our cause—it shows us that we are providing a necessary service to people in need. Thank you, Women of Walker Chapel!

If you would like to participate in one of our Friendship Tours and learn more about Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic, please contact Marta Zappala at mzappala@phoenixhouse.org or call her at 1 888 671 9392. We’d love to set up a tour for your group or organization!


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