2013 Career Day at Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Success is something that can be achieved by anyone, regardless of one’s past. This is the message a group of adolescent boys and girls learned on March 21, 2013 at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles’  Annual Career Day. Lots of valuable and encouraging information was presented by the Los Angeles County of Education and Transition Partnership Program. There were table displays representing different occupations, enthusiastic guest speakers, and plenty of bold and business-curious questions asked by the teens.

Several guest speakers represented different occupations. The first honorable guest speaker was Judge Karen Ackerson-Brazille, a U.S. District Court Judge appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She discussed the importance of education and her rise through the Department of Justice. Judge Ackerson-Brazille also said how much she loves serving her community and that through her passion for law she set up a free legal clinic at her church, New Philadelphia AME Church in Rancho Dominguez.

Mr. Clifford Banks, an Executive Director representing Valley College of Medical Careers gave helpful advice on preparing for college. A United Parcel Service (UPS) Human Resource Supervisor, Ms. Linda Jones, revealed exciting things about working with UPS and how to get your foot into the company’s door. Afterwards, a Certified Registered Nurse of Obstetrics, Rita Yates, expressed her enthusiasm for her job, working in labor and delivery rooms and helping women to give birth. The audience giggled, but the nurse explained that if you do what you like, you will be happy and good at it. Finally, Mr. Chris Johnson, a professional photographer, asked the audience how many would like to be their own boss. The majority of the audience raised their hands. He proceeded to inspire those before him, telling them that if they understand or learn about business, then they can work for themselves in a field that interests them.

Allowing youth to peek through the window on the lives of professionals and their careers is something they will come to treasure.  They may not recognize it at an early age, but little by little such events provide one with essential tips on how to be successful in their education, job hunting, and future accomplishments.

Mr. Donohue, a mentor to some of the youth at the Academy, revealed struggles from his past but said that he pushed on to achieve great academic success. Even though he drives far to work every day, he loves being with the Phoenix House clients and says the drive is always worth it. After his closing presentation, students could explore the booths, ask the presenters more questions, discover job opportunities, and munch on popcorn. As the teens left the career fair, visions of themselves in successful careers popped in their heads.

For more information about our programs, or to refer someone in need for admission to our residential or outpatient treatment program for teens at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles, please call our Call Center at 1 888 671 9392. We are here to help you find the information and services you need!


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