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Why Molly Can Be Deadly

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

music concert crowdMDMA, also known as “Molly,” has a reputation for being a purer form of ecstasy and a relatively safe enhancement to the concert and music experience. According to the Chicago Tribune, however, MDMA is responsible for 10 overdose deaths in Chicago since 2009, and is not as pure as people believe.

An expert from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s division in Chicago reports that his agents have found rat poison and pesticide in Molly. It can also induce serious stress to people’s bodies and organs, causing high blood pressure, fatally high body temperatures, a racing heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, and even symptoms of psychosis.

One 23-year-old Chicago man died from a combination of MDMA use and a heart condition he did not know he had. His mother said after her son’s death, “I’m not the same. You don’t think about that when you take a hit of (MDMA). What is it going to do to your family if you do die?”

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Source: Chicago Tribune Killing molly myths: Euphoric drug often isn’t pure, and it can be deadly

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