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Universities Keep Marijuana Ban on Campuses

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
University of Colorado Boulder fountain

University of Colorado Boulder

Although voters legalized marijuana in Washington and Colorado, college students will still be under a smoking ban.

Young people tended to favor pot legalization in Washington and Colorado, which lifted the ban for people over the age of 21. However, most universities receive money from the federal government, which still considers pot illegal, and are required to keep their campuses drug-free. The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act requires all schools receiving federal funds to adopt a program to keep their students and employees free from illicit drug use.

That rule still stands, so if students want to light up they will have to go off campus. Both Washington State University and University of Colorado Boulder threaten students with punishment and even expulsion for smoking marijuana. The college’s spokespeople say the rules are not likely to change,  and the drug-free environment will remain in place.

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Source: The Associated Press Pot legalization no free ride to smoke on campus

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