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U.S. Policy Makers Debate Strategy as Pill Abuse Rises

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

mexico border crossingWith prescription drug abuse soaring, policy makers are rethinking U.S. strategy on drug policy. The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that the nation’s drug use has shifted in recent years, with 7 million people using “psychotherapeutic” drugs in the last month, compared to 1.5 million cocaine users. Yet U.S. drug policy still focuses largely on stopping the flow of illegal substances through methods like cocaine interdictions, seizing large shipments of drugs, and arresting drug traffickers. The New York Times reports that some officials are shifting priorities, arguing that we should spend less on enforcement and more on building long-term stability in countries like Mexico. The State Department has increased its funding for antidrug programs like this, and the Drug Enforcement Administration has increased its number of prescription drug investigations. Representative Mary Bono Mack told the New York Times,  “It’s because more and more members are hearing from back  home in their distract that people are dying.”

Source: New York Times U.S. Priority on Illegal Drugs Debated as Pill Abuse Rises

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