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The Importance of Monitoring Programs in Curbing Rx Drug Abuse

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Prescription DrugsThere’s a fantastic article today on the Partnership at on the importance of prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) in the battle against the prescription drug abuse epidemic.   The article’s author, Carmen A. Catizone, asserts  that while PMPs are an effective strategy within their participating states, the ability to share this data across lines would further enhance their efficacy, and notes that “many doctor shoppers will travel hundreds of miles, often across state lines, in attempts to obtain prescription drugs.”

The technology to enable this sharing of data is now available through NABP InterConnect, and has so far been deployed in five states; ten others have signed agreements to participate.   At Phoenix House, we think it’s critical that as many states as possible participate in NABP’s InterConnect program.  What do you think?  We’d love to hear how you weigh in on this issue.

Source: The Partnership at

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  • A few weeks ago at a conference in Philadelphia, doctors were discussing how helpful it would be for prescription monitoring programs to share information across state lines. Doctors practicing in Philadelphia may have patients from New Jersey and Delaware, states whose borders are literally just a few minutes away from Philadelphia.