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Texas Launches Online Database to Monitor Prescription Drug Abuse

Monday, August 6th, 2012

prescription pills and bottlesThe state of Texas has heightened its efforts to stop prescription drug abuse, launching an online database that tracks controlled substances prescribed across the state. Both doctors and law enforcement officials can easily access the database to determine if a patient is receiving prescription drugs from multiple doctors or if doctors may be prescribing drugs illicitly. Accessing this information once took several days and required filing paperwork, but Texas is joining a number of states in creating online databases to access this information more quickly. A Dallas-based community prevention coordinator told Associated Press that 14.5 percent of Dallas County high school students have admitted to the illegal use of prescription drugs in the past month. In a recent statement to Congress, Phoenix House President and CEO Howard Meitiner spoke approvingly of prescription drug monitoring databases like the kind Texas is developing, but he also emphasized that we must address the demand for prescription drugs as well.

Source: The Associated Press Texas Fights Prescription Drug Abuse with E-Data

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