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Teen Drunk Driving Declines, But 1 Million Teens Still Drink and Drive

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

teen driver reflected in rearview mirrorTeen drunk driving has declined dramatically over the last twenty years, but the number is still too high. According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rate of teen drinking and driving has dropped by 54 percent in two decades–from 22 percent of high school students in 1991 to 10 percent in 2011. However, 1 million teens still drank and drove in 2011. In 2010, one in five teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had some alcohol in their system, and 81 percent had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit for adults. Eighty-five percent of high school teens who drank and drove also reported that they engaged in binge drinking. The CDC said minimum drinking age laws, stricter zero-tolerance laws, and graduated drivers license laws deserve much of the credit for the decline in teen drunk driving.

Source: NBC Teen drinking declining but still a big problem

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