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Study Shows How Marriage Changes Drinking Habits

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

bride holding wine glass, wedding toastA new study reveals some interesting facts on the drinking habits of married men and women. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati surveyed 5,000 Wisconsin high school graduates four times over a 47-year period and conducted in-depth interviews with a selected group. They found that women begin to drink a little more after they marry, while married men begin drinking less. One researcher said couples may average their alcohol use and gravitate toward a “common drinking ground” since men (especially young men) tend to drink more than women. Another suggested that married women might increase their drinking because they experience more stress, while their husbands find marriage to be stress-reducing. Divorced women tended to revert to their original drinking habits, although divorced women reported more drinking-related problems than long-term married women.

Source: ABC News Marriage Means More Drinking for Women, Less for Men

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