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Study: Poor Diet During Pregnancy May Influence Addiction in Kids

Friday, August 9th, 2013

ice cream dessertA new study says moms should watch what they eat during pregnancy since it may affect a child’s addictive tendencies later on in life. The study, led by a researcher from University of Florida, studied rats and their young, discovering that rats who ate too much fat and sugar ended up having offspring who consumed more alcohol. The offspring were also more likely to have a strong response to addictive drugs like amphetamines.

Researchers think this effect may be due to the brain’s reward system. It is possible that moms who eat high-fat and high-sugar foods influence their offspring’s brain system to make them more susceptible to addiction. The effects may also be found in breast milk, since rats were more sensitive toward amphetamines if they were birthed by a mother with a balanced diet but nursed by a rat who was fed a high-sugar diet.

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Source: Daily Mail Mothers who binge on sugary and fatty foods in pregnancy could put their children at greater risk of DRUG addiction

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