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Study: People Eat Unhealthily on Drinking Days

Friday, April 12th, 2013

530206_42397867Are you craving some French fries with that beer? A new study has found that people eat more unhealthy food on the days that they drink. Previous studies have found that people who drink unhealthy amounts also have poorer diets. The latest study, conducted by Rosalind Breslow, a nutritional epidemiologist at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, found that people consume more fat and calories on the days that they drink.

The study was based on responses from more than 1,800 people who filled out a diet questionnaire on two days (once when they drank and once when they didn’t) within a 10-day time period. On the day that they drank, men consumed an average of 400 more calories per day and women consumed 300 more. For men, 100 to 200 of the calories were from food, and both genders consumed about 9 percent more fat.

Researchers are not sure why this might happen. It may be due to more impulsive behavior or to drinking events being paired with less healthy food. They caution people to make sure they watch their eating habits while drinking.

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Source: Reuters People eat more unhealthy foods on days they drink

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