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Study: Marijuana Increases Risk of Stroke

Monday, February 11th, 2013

stethoscopeSeveral new studies “highlight the still-confusing state of marijuana research,” according to TIME magazine. One recent study found that smoking marijuana led to an increased risk of stroke, while another study found that marijuana users who had heart attacks were not more likely to die than non-marijuana users. In the case of the first study, notes TIME, the results may not be straightforward. Researchers were not able to separate tobacco smokers from marijuana smokers because nearly all of the study’s patients who tested positive for marijuana also tested positive for nicotine.

The second study examined nearly 4,000 heart attack survivors. Of the 519 patients who died, 22 used marijuana but there was not a statistically significant increase in mortality for marijuana users. In fact, it seemed those who smoked marijuana more than once weekly were less at risk than those who smoked less. According to TIME, it is difficult to study the effects of marijuana use since heaviest marijuana users often use multiple drugs.

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Source: Time Magazine Marijuana Linked to Increased Stroke Risk

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