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Study: Male Farmers Least Likely to Die of Alcohol Problems

Monday, August 26th, 2013

farmer and dog A new study has found intriguing differences between the rates of alcohol deaths in various professions.

Researchers examined over 13,000 alcohol deaths among men and over 3,000 deaths among women. They found that for both genders, bar staff are the most likely to die of alcohol-related problems like liver disease or pancreatitis. Male bar staff was 2.23 times more likely to die from alcohol, and female bar staff was 2.03 times more likely to die.

Among men, farm workers are least likely to die of alcohol-related causes—less than half as likely as average. Among women, educational assistants are the least likely to die. As a whole, women were much less likely to die of alcohol if they worked with children. Male doctors were among those with the lowest risk of dying from alcohol, while male seafarers were at the second highest-risk of dying.

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Source: BBC News Bar Staff ‘Highest Alcohol Risk’

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