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Study: Even One Daily Alcoholic Drink Boosts Risk of Cancer

Friday, February 15th, 2013

pink breast cancer wristbands Even one drink a day boosts your risk of cancer, a new study has found. Alcohol can be blamed for nearly 20,000 cancer deaths a year. Although heavy drinkers (those who drank three or more drinks per day) accounted for up to 60 percent of the deaths, moderate drinkers (those who drank 1.5 drinks a day or less) still comprised up to 35 percent of the cancer deaths.

Of the 577,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. each year, alcohol accounted for 3.5 percent, researchers say. Alcohol accounted for 15 percent of all breast cancer deaths and a high percentage of cancers of the mouth and throat in men. Dr. Timothy Naimi, the study’s director and an associate professor at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, said, “When it comes to cancer, the less you drink, the better.”

Other researchers cited the heart benefits of moderate drinking as a counterweight to the cancer risk—a factor not examined by the new study on alcohol and cancer-related deaths. However, Naimi said the study is bad news even for moderate drinkers: “Anything that’s a leading cause of death is not a good preventive agent.”

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Source: NBC Even a drink a day boosts cancer death risk, alcohol study finds

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  • Nancy karpoff

    Every year there are new reports regarding the dangers of alcohol consumption. Wine is believed to be the safest since it is better for the heart and bloodstream as long as it isn’t consumed in toxic amounts. Hard alcohol has a different statistic entirely since it causes more damage much faster and is more toxic.