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Study: Brits Underestimate Alcohol Use by Up to 60 Percent

Friday, March 1st, 2013

pub pint beer signAccording to a new survey, British people underestimate their alcohol consumption by up to 60 percent. Researchers compared statistics of actual alcohol consumption with how much people reported drinking. There was a wide gap between the two figures: alcohol sales figures were 40 to 60 percent higher than what people reported drinking.

Researchers estimated that men underestimate their drinking by an average of 15 percent, and women by 11 percent. Although one survey found that 32 percent of men and 28 percent of women binge drank once weekly, the sales figures show that the number is likely higher: 52 percent for men and 56 percent for women.

Policy experts have proposed that United Kingdom adopt a minimum price for alcohol, tougher licensing laws, and better access to treatment. The U.K. Department of Health told BBC News they would take the study into account as they consider new alcohol legislation.

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Source: CBS News Study shows Brits underreport alcohol consumption by up to 60 percent

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