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Social Media Used to Sell Drugs to Youth, Report Says

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

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According to a recent report by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), illegal internet pharmacies are  using social media to publicize their business and market their drugs to younger people. INCB President Hamid Ghodse said during a news conference in London that some of these pharmacists have turned to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to attract people to chat rooms. These illegal internet pharmacies engage people “in a variety of ways which, in the first instance, you do not see as that they are marketing the drug….then of course they are bombarding them with the sort of drugs” said Ghodse.

The INCB stated that of the 12,000 seizures of “internationally controlled substances” sent through the postal system in 2010, 5,500 of those them were of illicit origin. The report further claimed that drug abuse and drug trafficking had become a common part of many communities throughout the world, and “part of a vicious cycle involving a wide array of social problems such as violence, organized crime, corruption, unemployment, poor health and poor education.”

Source: ReutersSocial Media Used to Sell Drugs to Youth, Report Says

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