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Scientists Warn of “Overwhelming Cost” of Brain Diseases

Friday, July 26th, 2013

bald headScientists warn that health systems may be “overwhelmed” if we don’t do more to tackle the problem of mental illness, including addiction. In a study, leading neuroscientists note that brain disorders cost Britain alone $172 billion a year, more than any other group of chronic diseases. A third of the adult population suffers from a mental disorder every year, and there were around 45 million diagnoses of brain disorders in Britain in 2010.

Addiction was one of the most costly disorders, along with dementia, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. Another study reported that brain disorders are costing Europe $1 trillion and that the region is facing a “ticking bomb” if it doesn’t invest more in research and treatment. Reuters reports that some pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to invest in brain disorder treatments because it is not profitable enough, which means government and charities will have to foot the bill.


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Source: Reuters Scientists warn of overwhelming costs of mental illness </a

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