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Pro-Marijuana Activists Push “Stoned Driving” Law in Washington

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

woman drivingMarijuana activists in Washington are pushing for a new “stoned driving” law that they hope will reassure voters about marijuana legalization. On Tuesday, Washington, Oregon and California voters will decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. To avoid voter’s fears of car crashes induced by marijuana, Washington activists are proposing a strict law that would make driving illegal after just two or three puffs of marijuana.

The average user would have to wait several hours before driving, and a regular medical marijuana user might be over the limit after inhaling even less of the drug. Washington, which already allows medical marijuana, currently has a ban on driving under the influence of marijuana but hasn’t set a blood level standard. Some medical marijuana users are opposing the driving laws because they say it would criminalize them in the process of legalizing recreational marijuana use. There is some evidence that marijuana use impairs driving, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse says further research is needed.

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Source: Reuters Washington pot activists push for driving curbs to help pass bill

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