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Poll: One in 10 Americans Has Used Another Person’s Prescription

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

pink and white pillsA new poll from Reuters finds that one in ten Americans have taken drugs prescribed for other people. The ongoing poll found that a quarter of the people who took other people’s drugs used the drugs just to get high. About 60 percent of people did for pain relief, and about a fifth took the drugs to manage stress or anxiety.

Some people took drugs because their friends were overprescribed, and others because they had no health insurance and couldn’t afford doctor’s visits or prescriptions. Taking another person’s prescriptions without a doctor’s prescription is still dangerous, even if it’s taken for legitimate medical reasons like pain or anxiety.

Reuters notes that prescription drugs are now the second most abused category of drugs, and that pharmacies dispensed more than 4 billion prescriptions in 2012.

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Source: Reuters One in 10 Americans have taken drugs prescribed for others: poll

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