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One in Seven California Drivers Tests Positive for Drugs

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

speeding carA recent survey in California reveals that drugged drivers outnumber drunk drivers on the state’s roads. The state’s Office of Traffic Safety tested more than a thousand drivers in nine California cities and found that one in seven drivers tested positive for drugs, while only half as many tested positive for alcohol. The number of drug-impaired drivers has increased lately, and marijuana is the most prevalent drug. Half of the drivers who tested positive for drugs tested positive for marijuana, and about 23 percent of the drivers who tested positive for alcohol also tested positive for a drug.

The surveyors did not determine whether drivers under the influence were also impaired. Drivers agreed to participate in the survey under the condition that they face no legal consequences for their condition. States increasingly face the question of how to handle drivers who are under the influence of drugs. Although more states are changing their marijuana laws, there is no clear standard for impaired driving when under the influence of drugs.

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Source: NBC More Calif. Drivers Test Positive for Drugs Than Alcohol

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