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One in Five Drinkers Admits to Drinking Too Much

Monday, August 20th, 2012

glass of water poured into wine glassA new Gallup poll reveals that one in five drinkers—14% of all Americans—admits to drinking too much. This is a slight increase from last year, when 17% of all drinkers admitted they drank too much, but consistent with numbers from the past decade. According to the poll numbers, four in ten Americans appear to be regular drinkers. Those who drank consumed an average of 4.2 drinks per week, and 12 percent consumed eight or more per week. Men tend to drink more than women, averaging 6.2 drinks per week for male drinkers versus 2.2 drinks for female drinkers. Younger men, aged 18 to 49, are the most at risk for overdrinking. Thirty-six percent of younger men say they sometimes drink too much, compared with 18 percent of older men, 20 percent of younger women and 8 percent of older women.

Source: Fox News How Much Alcohol Do U.S. Drinkers Consume on Average?

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