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Obama’s Drug Plan: Fewer Arrests, More Treatment

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

White House Drug Policy Shifts StrategyIn a plan released today, the Obama administration said “mass incarceration” of nonviolent drug users is an “outdated” policy. Instead, the White House says it is spending resources on preventing people from using drugs in the first place and helping users recover, because “drug addiction is a disease.” The report also reaffirms the administration’s stance that drug legalization is not an option.

“We’re seeing not only alternatives to incarceration, but recognition that treatment for people who are incarcerated and have a drug problem is really critical,” drug czar Gil Kerlikowske said.

The new strategy also seeks to bring attention to rise of prescription drug abuse. Kerlikowske told ABC News that the administration will educate people on how to “clean out their medicine cabinet” and that it will “crack down on pill mills,” clinics that have sold drugs like Oxycodone.

Source: ABC NewsObama’s Drug Plan: Fewer Arrests, More Treatment

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