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NJ: Synthetic Drug Ban Leads to Decline in “Bath Salts” Incidents

Friday, September 7th, 2012

synthetic marijuana spice drugAccording to New Jersey officials, the ban on synthetic marijuana and “bath salts” is working. Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa said incidents have declined dramatically since New Jersey issued a comprehensive ban on synthetic marijuana on Feb. 28, 2012. The state now reports that the poison control hotline has seen a 33 percent decline in calls related to synthetic marijuana exposure. Poison control calls related to “bath salts” have declined by 66 percent. The state has also seen a 77 percent decline in the number of synthetic marijuana incidents submitted by law enforcement.

Before the ban, convenience stores openly sold the dangerous drugs, which are associated with hallucinations, anxiety attacks, seizures and acts of violence. New Jersey was the fourth state to issue a comprehensive ban on synthetic marijuana. Officials in Arizona, however, say its ban has not produced the same positive results. Law enforcement told the Associated Press that the synthetic marijuana ban has had little effect because manufacturers alter the formulas to get around the law.

Source: The Associated Press AG: Fewer incidents with synthetic drugs since ban

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