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New Study Explores Link Between Marijuana and Psychosis

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

sad girlWhich comes first: pot or psychosis? That’s still not clear, according to a recent Dutch study. Researchers previously discovered a link between marijuana and psychosis in a 2010 study, which found that teens who smoked marijuana were twice as likely to develop psychosis. However, the study also found that teenagers who were already experiencing psychotic symptoms were also more likely to use pot. This led researchers to wonder if smoking pot increases one’s risk for psychosis, or if troubled teens are simply using cannabis to self-medicate their psychotic symptoms.

The answer seems to be that both are happening at the same time. In this latest study, researchers surveyed over 2,000 Dutch teenagers about their pot use and also assessed the teens’ psychosis vulnerability. Researchers found a “bidirectional link” between pot use and psychosis. In other words, many teens who smoked pot at age 16 developed psychotic symptoms three years later, and teens who experienced psychotic symptoms at age 16 were more likely to also smoke pot at age 19.

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Source: Reuters Does marijuana cause psychosis in kids? Or do troubled kids seek the drug out?

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