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New Jersey Launches Medical Marijuana Program

Friday, August 10th, 2012

prescription bottle overflowing with money and pillsAfter two years of delays, New Jersey has launched its medical marijuana program and become the 17th state to allow patients to receive medical marijuana. Starting August 9, physicians can register patients online to receive an ID that allows them to purchase the medical marijuana. People with terminal illnesses and ailments like cancer, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis are eligible to participate in the program. One grateful COO of a dispensary in Montclair vowed to hang New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s portrait in the dispensary, along with its certificates, an American flag and the New Jersey state flag. Although Christie allowed the medical marijuana program to proceed and has called the war on drugs a failure, he has promised to veto a bill that would decriminalize marijuana. Possessing marijuana is still a violation of federal law, and the federal government has recently cracked down on marijuana dispensaries in California.

Source: Reuters NJ’s Medical Marijuana Program Finally Takes Off

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