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New Extreme Drinking Trend Involves Alcohol-Soaked Tampons

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

tamponNBC San Diego recently reported on what Tina Coffelt of New Horizons Sober Living in Encinitas, CA called “a disturbing and dangerous new trend”: many teenagers have turned to alcohol-soaked tampons in order to get drunk without showing visible signs of intoxication.

Coffelt said that in terms of creative and dangerous methods of alcohol consumption, she’s heard it all–from alcohol-laced gummy bears to infused tampons and enemas. “A big reason they do it is you get a faster high and then you don’t have the stomach upset so the vomiting is rare,” she explains, adding that the direct insertion of alcohol into the body can be particularly dangerous. “It is a faster process of how much is going into the blood stream so there’s a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning which can be fatal.”

Statistics show that substance abuse among teens is growing; 37 percent of kids have consumed alcohol by the eighth grade and nearly 75 percent by the end of high school. “If you can say no definitely say no,” advises one teen. “If you have already said yes, just get as much help as you can and don’t be afraid to talk to people.”

Source: NBC

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