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Marijuana Snacks Worry Health Experts, Parents

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


In New York Times, columnist KJ Dell’Antonia writes, “When I thought about legalized marijuana … I was thinking about joints.” She wasn’t expecting marijuana candy that looks nothing like the drugs she spoke with her kids about: “They look like food. They look safe. They look yummy.

Dell’Antonia notes that Colorado’s new marijuana snacks would look at home on a Whole Foods shelf, despite regulations that ban labels “designed to appeal to children.” The New York Times reports that sweet marijuana snacks have “alarmed parents’ groups, schools and some doctors, who say the highly concentrated snacks are increasingly landing in the hands of teenagers looking for a sweet, discreet high, or of children too young to know the difference between pot brownies and regular ones.”

One recent survey found that the number of children being treated for marijuana exposure has risen slightly. From October 2009 to December 2011, 14 children were treated in the Denver emergency center after consuming marijuana. Before 2009, no such exposures were reported.

Source: New York Times Snacks Laced With Marijuana Raise Concerns

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