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Los Angeles Votes to Ban Marijuana Shops

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

pro-marijuana rally in vancouver “Los Angeles has experimented with marijuana and has failed,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander just before the Council voted unanimously to ban marijuana shops in the city. In the latest salvo of a battle fraught with legal controversy, the council has given 900 medical marijuana dispensaries a deadline of 30 days to close shop. Two years ago, the city passed a similar law capping marijuana dispensaries, but the ordinance led to lawsuits and conflicting appellate court rulings. Pot shops proliferated once again when the ordinance expired last month—a development that led citizens to complain of crime and second-hand marijuana smoke. Although Californians voted to allow medical marijuana in 1996, almost 200 cities and counties have voted to ban the dispensaries, creating confusion about the legality of the clinics. The state Supreme Court has decided to rule on the matter but has not yet set a date for the hearing.

Source: The Associated Press – : Los Angeles Officials Vote to Ban Marijuana Shops

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