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How Diet Obsession, Alcohol Ads Lead to “Drunkorexia”

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

young man joggingExperts are increasingly concerned about the trend of “drunkorexia” and believe the advertising practices of alcohol companies are contributing to the problem. “Drunkorexia” is the practice of skipping meals or exercising to make room for alcohol calories. A study from last spring found that students who exercised or dieted to lose weight were more likely to binge drink. Students who purged or vomited to lose weight were 76 percent more likely to binge drink. Another study found that 26 percent of young adults engage in drunkorexia, making them more likely to engage in unprotected sex and overdose on alcohol.

Alcohol companies have increasingly targeted health-conscious people, especially young women, through ads for low-calorie, low-carb drinks with slogans like, “Sleek, slim, sophisticated. The Whole Package.” And “Lose the carbs. Not the taste.” Experts caution that it not healthy to replace food nutrients with alcohol, which is nutrient-free and full of empty calories. They say alcohol is not a health food, and alcohol companies may be crossing a line into “misleading” or “deceptive” advertising.

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Source: The Atlantic Road to ‘Drunkorexia’

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