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Heroin Spreads from Chicago Inner City to Suburbs

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Chicago alleywayHeroin is devastating the city of Chicago, leading to addiction, overdose, gang violence, and a rise in murders. CBS News and “48 Hours” have an in-depth report on the drug war happening on Chicago’s city streets.

Chicago citizen Hadiya Pendleton, 15, became “a symbol of the deadly street violence” in Chicago when she was shot after a gang mistook her group of friends for rival gang members. Less than a week before, Hadiya’s school marching band had played at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Jack Riley, head of the Chicago division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, says, “Much of the gang-related shootings — are drug related,” specifically related to heroin distribution. Fatal overdoses are rising in nearby counties, and the number of murders rose to 500 people dead in 2012. The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel has a powerful influence in Chicago, and heroin use has spread from the inner city to the suburbs. Many suburban drug users travel into Chicago along Interstate 290, now known as “the heroin highway,” to get their fix.

The series profiles a heroin user struggling with addiction, the parents of Hadiya Pendleton, the mother of another 15-year-old girl whose killers have still not been arrested, and an ordinary citizen risking his life to reclaim his community from the drug-related violence. View the full series here: The War in Chicago

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Source: CBS News The War in Chicago

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