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Former Officer Says NYPD Fired Him for Future Alcoholism

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

NYPD police carA Staten Island man is suing the NYPD, saying it wrongfully fired him for “future” alcoholism although he is not an alcoholic. Former NYPD officer Timothy Silo says that he was ordered to report to an NYPD psychologist in 2010, after he and five other officers were attacked outside of a bar after a department holiday party. Silo says he has no history of alcoholism, never went inside the bar, and had only two drinks at the holiday party.

According to Silo, the department psychologist, Casey Stewart, interrogated him about his drinking habits and family history of alcoholism for more than eight hours. According to court papers, Stewart recommended that Silo be fired because he might become an alcoholic one day—a verdict overruled by a second psychologist who declared Silo fit for duty. Silo was fired, although none of the other officers were fired and none of them were accused of wrongdoing. His lawyer told the New York Post, “The system misfired in this case.”

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Source: New York Post Axed ‘future boozer’ sues NYPD

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