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Female Pop Stars Openly Use, Promote Marijuana

Monday, December 10th, 2012

RihannaA recent article in New York Times takes a look at young female pop stars’ open embrace of marijuana use. In addition to singing lyrics about getting high and floating in clouds, pop star Rihanna recently wore a concert outfit prominently featuring a marijuana leaf on a  mesh tank. Lady Gaga smoked marijuana onstage in Amsterdam last September, promising to persuade Oprah and President Obama to give “the medical wonders of marijuana” a chance. Lana Del Ray sings, “Let’s go get high,” and rapper Kreayshawn talks frankly about smoking marijuana. Some of these stars are even integrating their marijuana use into their ad deals.

The New York Times quotes marijuana advocates who says the pop singers are only reflecting strong female support for legalizing marijuana, as demonstrated at the polls in Colorado and Washington. Rolling Stone critic Will Hermes says the move may be a savvy PR trick because marijuana is normalized but still feels transgressive: “Being a pop star, transgression is good for business. And at this particular moment in American culture, saying you smoke weed is a pretty safe way to transgress.”

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Source: New York Times A Big Business in Getting High

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