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Federal Officials Raid Businesses Selling Synthetic Drugs

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Spice, K2, synthetic drugs, synthetic marijuanaThe Drug Enforcement Administration swept through nearly 100 cities on July 25, raiding businesses suspected of selling dangerous synthetic drugs known as “bath salts.” In a crackdown that led to over 90 arrests, officials seized the drugs at shops in Ohio, Minnesota, upstate New York, Florida, Pennslvania, and Texas. This is the first national crackdown on synthetic drugs since President Barack Obama signed legislation banning the synthetic drugs in early July. The substances, which produce a cocaine-like high, are difficult to regulate because producers change the formulas as fast as legislators try to ban the ingredients. Convenience stores and shops mark the drugs “not fit for human consumption” and market them openly under names like “Vanilla Ice” and “Bliss.” According to USA Today, the American Association of Poison Control Center has seen an explosion of calls from people sick from the drugs—from 304 calls in 2010 to over 6,000 calls in 2011.

Source: USA Today Businesses Raided in Nationwide Crackdown on Synthetic Drugs

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