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FDA: Abusing Opana Can Cause Deadly Blood Disorder

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

jar of pillsToday, the FDA warned that people who abuse the prescription drug Opana ER run the risk of developing a deadly blood disorder. Opana ER is a potent painkiller that is supposed to be taken orally. People addicted to the drug usually crush the pills and inject the drug into their bloodstream, often unaware that the drug is more potent than other prescription drugs like Oxycontin. Taking the drug intravenously can result in a blood disease that causes clots to form in blood vessels and can lead to purpura, or bleeding inside the body. The disorder can cause death, or complications that lead to brain damage, stroke and kidney failure. According to the FDA, the disorder occurs only when Opana ER is abused and taken intravenously. According to the Centers for Disease Control, prescription drug abuse causes more deaths in the Untied States than heroin and cocaine combined.

Source: Reuters Abusing pain drug Opana can cause blood disorder: FDA

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