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Family Files First Wrongful Death Suit Against Synthetic Pot Distributor

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

synthetic marijuana drug K2A Georgia family has filed the first known wrongful death lawsuit against a synthetic drug distributor. Last March, Chase Burnett, 16, collapsed in a hot tub and drowned after smoking a synthetic drug called “Mojo Diamond Extreme 100X Potpourri.” His parents, David and Yvette Burnett, have now filed a lawsuit against Peyton Palaio, alleging that he caused their son’s death by selling the drug to the convenience store where their son purchased it. According to a statement by the family’s attorney, “Everyone who has played a part in this and many other tragedies should be held responsible. … It has been all about the money.” Palaio’s attorney says he denies any knowledge of the drug. Since Chase’s death, the Burnetts have crusaded against synthetic drugs, campaigned for laws that restrict synthetic drugs and spoken out against drug use. “We’ve got to keep reminding them this stuff is dangerous. Don’t even do it once. It’s not even worth trying. That’s how we keep his memory alive,” Yvette Burnett said

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution – <a href=" Synthetic Pot Distributor Sued in Teen’s Death

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