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DEA Revokes Pharmacy Licenses of Two Florida “Pill Mills”

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

hand holding multicolored pillsThe U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has revoked the licenses of two Florida pharmacies, alleging that the stores ignored oxycodone abuse by dispensing excessive amounts of controlled substances. The pharmacies are now prohibited from filling prescriptions for controlled substances. According to USA Today, the DEA accuses the two CVS pharmacies of dispensing “hundreds of thousands of tablets of the popular painkiller, including filling multiple prescriptions for out-of-state customers.” The pharmacies ordered 3 million oxycodone pills in 2011—over 20 times the national average of 69,000 pills. In a hearing last April, CVS vice president Will Abbott said that the stores retrained their pharmacists, cut off 21 over-prescribing doctors, and replaced pharmacists in one store. However, the DEA argues that the stores responded too late, taking action only when the agency’s warrants proved the stores were under investigation. Susan Langston, a DEA official in the Miami office, told USA Today that Florida’s “pill mills” have “completely devastated our state.”

Source: USA Today U.S. revokes drug licenses for two Fla. CVS pharmacies

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